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摘要: Panettone

This month we have been talking about Lombardy and Milan observing the citys architecture, traditions and, of course, cuisine.


Last week we had a look at some of the citys most traditional dishes, like ossobuco and saffron risotto.


But there is another product which originates in Milan and that has influenced the cuisine and tradition of the whole Italian peninsula: Panettone.


Panettone is the main dessert enjoyed during Christmas. It really is a product that cant be missing on the table during this holiday and it is common to bring it as a gift to friends as well!

But what is it?



Panettone is a type of sweet bread loaf made with a rich and heavy dough with butter, candied oranges, citron as well as raisins (or sometimes chocolate chips!). The dough is rich of ingredients making it “heavy”, but thanks to the proofing process, specific to this product, that can take several days, the final loaf its incredibly light and fluffy.


The origins of Panettone blur into legend. What is known for sure is that it was traditional for the Milan area to celebrate Christmas by preparing a big loaf of bread sweetened with honey and share it with the whole family. The recipe at that time was, of course, different from what its followed nowadays, getting richer with candied citrus and raisins only from the XV century.


But how Panettone has been invented, that belongs to storytellers. There are many legends regarding the birth of this product, and one of them sees as main characters the Chef of the royal kitchen of Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan, and his errand boy, named Toni.

至于它的来历,坊间众说纷纭,其中一则传说的主人公是御厨,米兰公爵Ludovico il Moro,还有御厨的仆童托尼。


The palace of the Duke was celebrating Christmas and the Chef had to prepare a dessert for the luxurious lunch, but he forgot it in the oven and got ruined. Seeing his master desperate for what happened, Toni, the errand boy, offered a solution to help him: with what was left in the pantry – flour, eggs, butter, some citrus zest and raisins he prepared a sweet loaf to be served instead of the ruined dessert.


 It the end the guests and the Duke himself were left enthusiast of the dessert and wanted to know the name of it. The Chef said that it was Tonis bread (pan del Toni), Panettone.

始料不及的是,客人和公爵都对这款面包赞不绝口,迫切想知道这个甜品的名字,御厨绝处逢生,心中怎不感激,他告诉公爵大人:这是托尼的面包啊(pan del Toni)——潘娜托尼!

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